Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 39 - Walking and More Walking

This was a very fast week. Even though we probably walked the most this week in all of my mission, it was a great week. Not much new. We had to leave some non-progressing people. But we found a great couple. One thing that I really like about this ward here is that it doesn't matter what people have done in the past, if they have a desire to repent and change and come back to church, the members will try to help them make that return. Sometimes we don't let people repent. 

Elder Holland spoke about that in a BYU speech: "A Robe, a Ring, and a Fatted Calf". He said "Of course, one of the added tragedies in transgression is that even if we make the effort to change, to try again, to come back, others often insist upon leaving the old labels with us."

"When a battered, weary swimmer tries valiantly to get back to shore, after having fought strong winds and rough waves which he should never have challenged in the first place, those of us who might have had better judgment, or perhaps just better luck, ought not to row out to his side, beat him with our oars, and shove his head back underwater. That’s not what boats were made for. But some of us do that to each other." 

Hopefully you all can read that talk, it is one of my favorites.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

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