Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 31 - 7 Months and Freaking Cross-dressers


This was a good week, it went by super fast. I feel like it was just last week when I was saying I finished 6 months. I feel like not much happened this week. 

You probably are all wondering what's up with my subject. I just have to ask "Why me?" Why do all the cross-dressers have to bother me? haha. We got on a bus, and I sat down next to a random guy near the back exit of the bus, I was on the aisle, and a cross-dresser and two other dudes were getting off the bus, while they were standing waiting to get off the bus, the guy in the dress was leaning his rear-end towards me, so I kept leaning towards the random dude to my left. I leaned until I couldn't lean anymore, and his rear end was touching my shoulder for a second or two. ugh. They called me a "white mormon" as they were getting off, haha at least they didn't call me a testigo (Jehovah's Witness), that would have made it worse. 

That was really the only eventful thing that happened this week, so hopefully you can just imagine the horror on my face as that was all happening.

But all is well here. Our investigators aren't progressing, so that's a bummer. But we'll just keep working, that's all we can do. Hope you all have a great week!


1. In the offices, there are a ton of dying cockroaches. They aren't dead. They are dying, so they keep wiggling their arms. (Oh and some people like to eat those, they fry them and add sugar.)

2. Selfie with Elder Mercado, he's participating in Mexico´s famous siesta. He is Elder May's comp. He's going to get his knee operated on. Also, with my super wavy hair coming back. 

3. Another Selfie in the offices, with no one looking. E' May behind me, E' Jimenez being a frito on youtube, and E' Rubio to the right.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 30 - Easter?

Hello all,

Apparently it was Easter yesterday, haha. It did not feel like it at all. On Friday, it was santa viernes, so they just closed everything, even the buses stopped. There was no one home this whole week-end. And on Sunday, Easter Sunday, there was literally almost no one at church. Maybe they all went to Mass with the Catholics, it might be more fun over there with the parties and such.

In Tequis, they used to have Virgin Maria Parades, here in Querétaro, they don't. I miss those. It looked so weird. They would chant prayers. "Maria, la madre de Jesus, madre de todo bueno..." Oh Catholics. I wanted to take a picture, but that probably wouldn't have been the best idea.

Not too much happened this week. I forgot my camera, I usually take pictures of my journal, and then I can kind of read back and remember what we did this week.

Elder Rubio, is from Puebla, he is pretty cool. I have enjoyed being with him this week. We're still in a trio. We have so many elders come and go that our house gets pretty messy. Hna Williamson got mad at us for that, so we've been cleaning up today. 8 new missionaries come today, so we're at the offices getting ready for that.

It was a fine week.
Love you all, and hope you have a great week!

1. Video of Elder May. He says "Soy el Elder May... y este es la misión." This was at a service project.

2. "Development Center" I thought it was ironic.

3. Oh yeah, we went to a BYU-Idaho Symphonic Band concert, we helped as "Security" haha. It was pretty cool. The pic is from when we were getting trained on how to be "Security" and the band was setting up.

4. View of the west side of QRO

5. Avenida Belen

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 29 - In the same area? Sí. In a trio? Sí.

Good afternoon!

Today is the start of a new transfer. I am still in Villas with Elder Jimenez, and tomorrow morning we will receive Elder Rubio. He is from Puebla and E' Jimenez will train him to be the new visas secretary. I have heard only good things about him, so I am excited. We need a little boost in our area. 

We haven't done too much this week. Our baptism is going to be postponed a few weeks. Ugh. I can't catch a break.

I think this week I have been able to recognize and follow the Spirit's promptings really well. I feel like that is one of the things I have learned lately.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen
I don't have my camera, but I do have a few photos.

1. View of Querétaro from San Jose el Alto

2. With the Bocanegra Family

3. View of the cool mall "Antea"

4. Con E' Pivaral, from Guatemala

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 28 - Conferencia General

Buenas Tardes,

How are you all? Hopefully you all watched General Conference. We got to watch it in the chapel. It is waaaaay better in english than in spanish. How blessed are we to speak english! The language of the restoration. But I hope you all will go back and rewatch and read the conference talks. Imagine if it were Moses and Nefi speaking to us. Today we have real, modern-day, prophets! How cool is that. So let's listen.

It was a good week. Lots of stuff going on in the offices, so we weren't able to do much proselyting work. I really like this area, but I am ready for a change. Pres thinks that I will probably be here for two more transfers. That is 3 more months. We'll see what happens. I am fine either way. Changes are next week. I can't believe how fast time is going. It seems like I am waking up and going to sleep every time I blink my eyes.

All is well here! Hope you all have a great week!

Selfie with Elder May, chapel Sombrerete.