Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 92 - Work, work and more work

This has been a great week! We had lots of new investigators. We are working a lot more effectively than before. We compiled a list of all the less actives, ancient investigators, and references from the last 3 years, and are finding lots of people this way.

I have really enjoyed working here with Elder Torres, he is a great friend. We had interviews this week as well. President always knows what to say to help me stay motivated.

Oh and it has been raining a ton. Last night we got totally soaked in the rain. Oh and we did divisions. It was fun to be with a Brasilian, and then with another Utahn.

All is well here in Celaya. I am healthy and happy. Oh and my official return date is the 29th of August, FYI.

Hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

 After being soaked in the rain, the picture doesn't do us justice.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 91 - Rain, Floods, and nuevo Presidente de Mexico

Hey Everybody,

This was a pretty fun week. It rained a lot, and the river near by almost flooded. It was a little scary, but everything is ok now.

Also, Mexico had national elections yesterday. Lopez Obrador won, his third time running. So that is exciting...

Not much is new. Oh but we had a super powerful lesson this week with the Bishop and the Family Rivera. They are so awesome. They have been coming to church on a regular basis, and are preparing to be baptized on the 21st.

All is well here in Celaya! Hope y'all have great weeks!
Elder Rasmussen

1: Zone Conference

Monday, June 25, 2018

Week 90 - Wow, week 90!

Hey everybody,

This was a great week! We found some really cool people. One cool story: It was a rainy day, my companion had diarrhea, and we were tired. It was like 8:15 and we were thinking about heading home and calling it a day. But we decided to look for one more less active family. We walked along a long street and didn't find the house number (the house numbers are all scrambled, everyone picks their favorite number). but we got to another street and turned the corner, we looked for a different family and they were home! we taught them and a family friend, Yadira. She seems very interested. It was cool to see how our diligence was rewarded and how God was able to work through us.

I am getting along great with my comp, he is a good friend. I am happy and healthy, a little tired but no complaints.

Hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

1: Mini Golf score card, I won!
2: zone activity, mini golf, mi compa y yo

Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 89 - Insurgentes, Celaya - Happy Father's Day!

Hey everybody,

This has been a very fast week. It was rainy almost all week which has been pretty nice actually. Elder Torres and I have gotten along really well. He is a funny guy.

We have quite a few investigators that have a lot of potential to get baptized. I am excited to see what happens. The ward is really small. Only like 50ish people went to church yesterday. But it was also Fathers Day and Mexico played against Germany and won! 1-0

All is well here in Celaya. I am learning the area quickly and am excited to see how the change goes.

And Happy Father's Day Dad! You are the best dad in the world!

Hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

1: Thanks for the package family!!!!
2: Mi compa
3: Our 4th floor apartment!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 88 - Celaya!


I got transferred to the next city over, Celaya. I am now with Elder Torres from Monterrey, he seems like a really chill missionary. I am excited to work here with him.

Last night I was super sad to say goodbye to the ward and to the Bravo Family. I feel like they are part of my family now. But I am also excited to be here in Celaya.

Not much is new, other than that. All is well here in Mexico.

Hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

1: WIth my new comp, Elder Torres
2: Familia Juarez
3: Familia Bravo
4-6: Barrio Arboledas

Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 87 - Birthday! 21!


This was a pretty rough week, but things are looking up. We have changes next week! I am excited to see where I will finish my mission.

Also, 13 years ago today I was baptized! June 4th, 2005.

We had Stake Conference and Elder Jorge Garcia came. He spoke a lot about how to minister. He is a funny guy, I was really inspired by his words. Also President Williamson was there.

Hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Rasmussen

1: The minute I turned 21!
2: District of Irapuato
3: Bravo Family!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 86 - Baptisms!


Alejandra, Paulina, and Alondra were baptized and confirmed this week! It was awesome, the Spirit was very strong and it filled me with motivation and peace. I got to baptize Alejandra and Paulina and my comp baptized Alondrita.

It was a great week in that aspect, but in others it was a very emotionally challenging one. My comp is having an emotional breakdown, and it isn't like he just doesn't get along with me, it's that he can be perfectly fine in one second and in the next threatening to punch me. President told me that it isn't my problem it is his, that was a relief because I really have been trying to help him. And it's not just me either, it has happened with members and with our district leader. The good thing is is that I am learning a lot from this experience. I know that we all have weaknesses and such, and I am learning a lot of humility and patience. Only two more weeks!

I attached a picture of Karen, the little girl I baptized a month ago. The computer isn't working so I can't upload pictures from my camera, so I'll have to send the photos of the Bravo Family next week.

But other than that, all is well here in Irapuato. I love this ward and this work! Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Rasmussen